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初期収録曲 Edit

Air (Pop)8
Aura Lee (Music Box)8
Barbara Ann8
Chariots of Fire8
Dance des Mirlitons (Salsa)8
Deeper Underground7
Do You Really Want to Hurt...8
Étude, Op.10, No.3 (Bossa)8
Every Breath You Take8
F-Zero Medley6
Forellenquintett (NES)6
Funiculì, Funiculà (Rock)6
Für Elise7
Humoresques (Folk)8
I'm a Slave 4 U8
I'm So Excited8
Jungle Boogie8
L'Arlésienne (Eurobeat)8
Lady Marmalade8
Liebestraum No.3 (Samba)8
Living in America8
Má vlast - Vltava (Jazz)7
Marcia trionfale (Pop)7
Material Girl8
NES Classics Medley6
New World Symphony (Rock)8
New York, New York8
Nocturne Op.9 No.28
Onigashima Medley8
Our House8
Pathétique (Reggae)8
Promenade (Pop)8
Rondò alla Turca (Tango)8
Sicilienne (Big Band)8
Sinfonie No.40(Tango)8
Sinfonie No.58
Smoke on the Water8
Stop! In the Name of Love8
Super Mario Kart Medley8
Super Mario Medley7
Swan Lake (Rock)8
The Final Countdown8
The Legend of Zelda Medley7
The Pink Panther Theme8
To A Wild Rose (Bossa)8
Walking on Sunshine8
We are the Champions8

隠し曲 Edit

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