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............ ...........****..........******.........********........**********......*************.....*****HAPPY***....*****************...*******************..*********************...........**** ...........****...........****HI:nice to meet you!Thanks to friends all over the world to Taiwan to help the flood of suopprt and also wishes everyone peace and happiness!Food:,,,,Accommodation:,,Clothing:,,Housing:,,Automotive:,,Health:,,Marriage:,,,,pet:,Kitchenware:,,,,,,, cleaning:,,yoga:,,,,travel:,,, ,,
*Today's Gig [#t9a8c68a]



**January [#eb941dfd]
|JAN 01|Orchestra|No|New Year's Day|
|JAN 02|Music Box|No||
|JAN 03|NES|Yes||
|JAN 04|Jazz|No||
|JAN 05|Tropical|No||
|JAN 06|Music Box|Yes||
|JAN 07|Orchestra|No||
|JAN 08|NES|No||
|JAN 09|Jazz|Yes||
|JAN 10|Hard Rock|No||
|JAN 11|Japanese|No||
|JAN 12|Tropical|Yes||
|JAN 13|Piano|No||
|JAN 14|Hard Rock|No||
|JAN 15|Arabian|Yes||
|JAN 16|Jazz|No||
|JAN 17|Piano|No||
|JAN 18|NES|Yes||
|JAN 19|Japanese|No||
|JAN 20|Church Music|No||
|JAN 21|Hard Rock|Yes||
|JAN 22|Noble|No||
|JAN 23|Tropical|No||
|JAN 24|Orchestra|Yes||
|JAN 25|Hard Rock|No||
|JAN 26|Music Box|No||
|JAN 27|Orchestra|Yes|Mozart's Birthday|
|JAN 28|New Age|No||
|JAN 29|Hard Rock|No|Babsfest(Barbara's Birthday)|
|JAN 30|Japanese|Yes||
|JAN 31|Piano|No|Schubert's Birthday|
**February [#q2712b18]
|FEB 01|NES|No||
|FEB 02|Hard Rock|No||
|FEB 03|Japanese|Yes||
|FEB 04|Tropical|No||
|FEB 05|Hard Rock|No||
|FEB 06|Tropical|Yes|Bob Marley's Birthday|
|FEB 07|New Age|No||
|FEB 08|Hard Rock|No|Rockabilly Day|
|FEB 09|Arabian|Yes||
|FEB 10|Noble|No||
|FEB 11|Hard Rock|No||
|FEB 12|Tropical|Yes|Darwin's Birthday|
|FEB 13|Piano|No||
|FEB 14|Music Box|No|Valentine's Day|
|FEB 15|Hard Rock|Yes||
|FEB 16|Tropical|No||
|FEB 17|Orchestra|No||
|FEB 18|Music Box|Yes||
|FEB 19|NES|No||
|FEB 20|New Age|No||
|FEB 21|Hard Rock|Yes||
|FEB 22|Piano|No||
|FEB 23|Orchestra|No||
|FEB 24|Music Box|Yes||
|FEB 25|Noble|No|Renoir's Birthday|
|FEB 26|Piano|No||
|FEB 27|Jazz|Yes||
|FEB 28|Hard Rock|No||
|FEB 29|Horror|No|Leap Year|
**March [#q5996080]
|MAR 01|Jazz|No||
|MAR 02|Hard Rock|No||
|MAR 03|Japanese|Yes||
|MAR 04|Music Box|No||
|MAR 05|Tropical|No||
|MAR 06|Church Music|Yes|Michelangelo's Birthday|
|MAR 07|Hard Rock|No||
|MAR 08|Tropical|No|International Women's Day|
|MAR 09|Arabian|Yes||
|MAR 10|Orchestra|No||
|MAR 11|Church Music|No||
|MAR 12|NES|Yes||
|MAR 13|Noble|No||
|MAR 14|Jazz|No||
|MAR 15|Tropical|Yes||
|MAR 16|Piano|No||
|MAR 17|NES|No||
|MAR 18|Orchestra|Yes||
|MAR 19|Hard Rock|No||
|MAR 20|NES|No||
|MAR 21|Church Music|Yes|Bach's Birthday|
|MAR 22|Japanese|No||
|MAR 23|Tropical|No||
|MAR 24|Hard Rock|Yes||
|MAR 25|NES|No||
|MAR 26|Noble|No||
|MAR 27|Music Box|Yes||
|MAR 28|Jazz|No||
|MAR 29|Orchestra|No||
|MAR 30|Noble|Yes||
|MAR 31|Piano|No||

**April [#k953da87]
|APR 01|NES|No|April Fool's Day|
|APR 02|Music Box|No||
|APR 03|Arabian|Yes||
|APR 04|Church Music|No||
|APR 05|Hard Rock|No||
|APR 06|Orchestra|Yes||
|APR 07|Piano|No||
|APR 08|Japanese|No||
|APR 09|Orchestra|Yes||
|APR 10|Hard Rock|No||
|APR 11|NES|No||
|APR 12|Orchestra|Yes||
|APR 13|New Age|No||
|APR 14|Tropical|No||
|APR 15|Church Music|Yes|Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday|
|APR 16|Japanese|No||
|APR 17|Hard Rock|No||
|APR 18|Noble|Yes||
|APR 19|Piano|No||
|APR 20|NES|No||
|APR 21|Jazz|Yes||
|APR 22|New Age|No||
|APR 23|Orchestra|No|Shakespeare's Birthday|
|APR 24|Hard Rock|Yes||
|APR 25|Orchestra|No||
|APR 26|Jazz|No||
|APR 27|Hard Rock|Yes||
|APR 28|Music Box|No||
|APR 29|Orchestra|No||
|APR 30|Piano|Yes||

**May [#vebd0add]
|MAY 01|Hard Rock|No|May Day|
|MAY 02|Noble|No||
|MAY 03|Orchestra|Yes||
|MAY 04|Church Music|No||
|MAY 05|NES|No||
|MAY 06|Noble|Yes||
|MAY 07|Orchestra|No|Brahms' Birthday|
|MAY 08|Music Box|No||
|MAY 09|Orchestra|Yes||
|MAY 10|Tropical|No||
|MAY 11|Hard Rock|No||
|MAY 12|NES|Yes||
|MAY 13|Piano|No||
|MAY 14|New Age|No||
|MAY 15|Church Music|Yes||
|MAY 16|Jazz|No||
|MAY 17|NES|No||
|MAY 18|Orchestra|Yes||
|MAY 19|Tropical|No||
|MAY 20|NES|No||
|MAY 21|Japanese|Yes||
|MAY 22|Orchestra|No|Wagner's Birthday|
|MAY 23|Music Box|No||
|MAY 24|Piano|Yes||
|MAY 25|Jazz|No||
|MAY 26|NES|No||
|MAY 27|Tropical|Yes||
|MAY 28|Hard Rock|No||
|MAY 29|Piano|No||
|MAY 30|Orchestra|Yes||
|MAY 31|Piano|No||

**June [#o972c16b]
|JUN 01|Tropical|No||
|JUN 02|Noble|No|Elgar's Birthday|
|JUN 03|NES|Yes||
|JUN 04|Piano|No||
|JUN 05|New Age|No|World Environment Day|
|JUN 06|Japanese|Yes||
|JUN 07|Church Music|No||
|JUN 08|Piano|No|Schumann's Birthday|
|JUN 09|Hard Rock|Yes||
|JUN 10|NES|No||
|JUN 11|Music Box|No||
|JUN 12|Noble|Yes||
|JUN 13|Hard Rock|No||
|JUN 14|Orchestra|No||
|JUN 15|Piano|Yes||
|JUN 16|Jazz|No||
|JUN 17|New Age|No||
|JUN 18|Hard Rock|Yes||
|JUN 19|Arabian|No||
|JUN 20|NES|No||
|JUN 21|Hard Rock|Yes||
|JUN 22|Music Box|No||
|JUN 23|Piano|No||
|JUN 24|Hard Rock|Yes||
|JUN 25|Noble|No|Gaudi's Birthday|
|JUN 26|Orchestra|No|(some kind of special anniversary)|
|JUN 27|NES|Yes||
|JUN 28|Japanese|No||
|JUN 29|Church Music|No||
|JUN 30|Hard Rock|Yes||

**July [#ee896469]
|JUL 01|Tropical|No||
|JUL 02|Piano|No||
|JUL 03|Horror|Yes|Kafka's Birthday|
|JUL 04|Jazz|No|US Independence Day|
|JUL 05|New Age|No||
|JUL 06|Hard Rock|Yes||
|JUL 07|Music Box|No||
|JUL 08|NES|No||
|JUL 09|Church Music|Yes||
|JUL 10|Japanese|No||
|JUL 11|Orchestra|No||
|JUL 12|Piano|Yes||
|JUL 13|New Age|No||
|JUL 14|Hard Rock|No|Bastille Day|
|JUL 15|NES|Yes||
|JUL 16|Noble|No||
|JUL 17|NES|No||
|JUL 18|Tropical|Yes||
|JUL 19|Piano|No||
|JUL 20|Orchestra|No||
|JUL 21|New Age|Yes||
|JUL 22|Tropical|No||
|JUL 23|Hard Rock|No||
|JUL 24|Church Music|Yes||
|JUL 25|NES|No||
|JUL 26|Jazz|No||
|JUL 27|Orchestra|Yes||
|JUL 28|New Age|No||
|JUL 29|Tropical|No||
|JUL 30|Hard Rock|Yes||
|JUL 31|Japanese|No||

**August [#o85a3318]
|AUG 01|Jazz|No||
|AUG 02|Noble|No||
|AUG 03|Orchestra|Yes||
|AUG 04|Jazz|No|Louis Armstrong's Birthday|
|AUG 05|Arabian|No||
|AUG 06|NES|Yes|Andy Warhol's Birthday|
|AUG 07|Japanese|No||
|AUG 08|NES|No||
|AUG 09|Music Box|Yes||
|AUG 10|Piano|No||
|AUG 11|Noble|No||
|AUG 12|Hard Rock|Yes||
|AUG 13|NES|No|Koji Kondo's Birthday|
|AUG 14|Piano|No||
|AUG 15|Hard Rock|Yes|Woodstock|
|AUG 16|Arabian|No||
|AUG 17|Piano|No||
|AUG 18|Tropical|Yes||
|AUG 19|Hard Rock|No||
|AUG 20|NES|No||
|AUG 21|Jazz|Yes||
|AUG 22|Piano|No|Debussy's Birthday|
|AUG 23|Noble|No||
|AUG 24|Japanese|Yes||
|AUG 25|Orchestra|No||
|AUG 26|New Age|No||
|AUG 27|Piano|Yes||
|AUG 28|Orchestra|No|Goethe's Birthday|
|AUG 29|Tropical|No||
|AUG 30|New Age|Yes||
|AUG 31|Hard Rock|No||

**September [#o561342a]
|SEP 01|Piano|No|Pachelbel's Birthday|
|SEP 02|NES|No||
|SEP 03|Hard Rock|Yes||
|SEP 04|Japanese|No||
|SEP 05|Music Box|No||
|SEP 06|Orchestra|Yes||
|SEP 07|Hard Rock|No|Buddy Holly's Birthday|
|SEP 08|Piano|No||
|SEP 09|Noble|Yes||
|SEP 10|NES|No||
|SEP 11|Hard Rock|No||
|SEP 12|Orchestra|Yes||
|SEP 13|Noble|No||
|SEP 14|Music Box|No||
|SEP 15|Jazz|Yes||
|SEP 16|NES|No|Pippin's Birthday|
|SEP 17|Hard Rock|No||
|SEP 18|Japanese|Yes||
|SEP 19|Noble|No||
|SEP 20|Tropical|No||
|SEP 21|New Age|Yes||
|SEP 22|Orchestra|No||
|SEP 23|Hard Rock|No||
|SEP 24|Tropical|Yes||
|SEP 25|Jazz|No||
|SEP 26|New Age|No||
|SEP 27|Hard Rock|Yes||
|SEP 28|Noble|No||
|SEP 29|Church Music|No||
|SEP 30|Piano|Yes||

**October [#s63d13b6]
|OCT 01|Music Box|No||
|OCT 02|Jazz|No||
|OCT 03|Orchestra|Yes||
|OCT 04|Piano|No||
|OCT 05|Arabian|No||
|OCT 06|Jazz|Yes||
|OCT 07|NES|No||
|OCT 08|Music Box|No||
|OCT 09|Piano|Yes|John Lennon's Birthday|
|OCT 10|Hard Rock|No||
|OCT 11|Jazz|No||
|OCT 12|Orchestra|Yes|Columbus Day|
|OCT 13|Noble|No||
|OCT 14|NES|No||
|OCT 15|Church Music|Yes||
|OCT 16|Japanese|No||
|OCT 17|Music Box|No||
|OCT 18|NES|Yes||
|OCT 19|Hard Rock|No||
|OCT 20|Piano|No||
|OCT 21|Jazz|Yes|Dizzy Gillespie's Birthday|
|OCT 22|New Age|No||
|OCT 23|NES|No||
|OCT 24|Noble|Yes||
|OCT 25|Music Box|No|Picasso's Birthday|
|OCT 26|Hard Rock|No||
|OCT 27|Jazz|Yes||
|OCT 28|NES|No||
|OCT 29|Piano|No||
|OCT 30|Church Music|Yes||
|OCT 31|Horror|No|Halloween|

**November [#j00db4bc]
|NOV 01|Tropical|No||
|NOV 02|Music Box|No||
|NOV 03|New Age|Yes|First Animal in Space|
|NOV 04|Orchestra|No||
|NOV 05|Jazz|No||
|NOV 06|Noble|Yes||
|NOV 07|Orchestra|No||
|NOV 08|NES|No||
|NOV 09|Church Music|Yes||
|NOV 10|Hard Rock|No||
|NOV 11|Music Box|No||
|NOV 12|Piano|Yes|Rodin's Birthday|
|NOV 13|Jazz|No||
|NOV 14|Music Box|No||
|NOV 15|Japanese|Yes||
|NOV 16|NES|No|Skinny's Birthday|
|NOV 17|Japanese|No||
|NOV 18|Jazz|Yes||
|NOV 19|Music Box|No||
|NOV 20|Tropical|No||
|NOV 21|NES|Yes||
|NOV 22|Piano|No||
|NOV 23|Music Box|No||
|NOV 24|New Age|Yes||
|NOV 25|Hard Rock|No||
|NOV 26|Jazz|No||
|NOV 27|Hard Rock|Yes|Jimi Hendrix' Birthday|
|NOV 28|NES|No||
|NOV 29|Noble|No||
|NOV 30|Piano|Yes||
**December [#vaae48e8]
|DEC 01|Jazz|No|Jaco Pastorius' Birthday|
|DEC 02|Orchestra|No|(GB Music's anniversary)|
|DEC 03|Piano|Yes||
|DEC 04|Music Box|No||
|DEC 05|Hard Rock|No||
|DEC 06|Noble|Yes||
|DEC 07|NES|No||
|DEC 08|Jazz|No||
|DEC 09|Hard Rock|Yes||
|DEC 10|Orchestra|No|Human Rights Day|
|DEC 11|Japanese|No||
|DEC 12|Hard Rock|Yes|Munch's Birthday|
|DEC 13|Music Box|No||
|DEC 14|Horror|No|Nostradamus' Birthday|
|DEC 15|Piano|Yes||
|DEC 16|Orchestra|No|Beethoven's Birthday|
|DEC 17|Noble|No||
|DEC 18|Jazz|Yes||
|DEC 19|Arabian|No||
|DEC 20|Hard Rock|No||
|DEC 21|Japanese|Yes||
|DEC 22|Orchestra|No||
|DEC 23|NES|No||
|DEC 24|Church Music|Yes|Christmas Eve|
|DEC 25|Orchestra|No|Christmas|
|DEC 26|Church Music|No|Boxing Day|
|DEC 27|Piano|Yes||
|DEC 28|Music Box|No||
|DEC 29|Tropical|No||
|DEC 30|NES|Yes||
|DEC 31|Orchestra|No|New Year's Eve|

*コメント(ご自由にどうぞ) [#e92b7f70]
#pcomment(Jam with the Band/コメント,10,reply)


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